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Feeding Schedule

PostPosted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 2:55 am
by Grampos
Brand new sugar glider owner here. Just purchased 2 male and female. Can anyone help me out with a feeding schedule ( I work nights 3 - 4 days a week ) the rest of the time I'm up at nights. Can you help me with when to feed them what food. Also what mixture of fruit / veg should I feed? Any help to get me started would be great.
( like how long to leave food in cage, how often to feed, amount to feed and so forth ). Also heard mixed comments on tap water being bad for them is this true?

My male is very timid / shy and is more social than the female. I think the female is more dominate and wants to run around and explore rather than spend time with me or the wife. I really love these animals and wanted them for the longest time and finally one cuddling at the store finally won my wife over. I hope there is a person or 2 out there that are willing to share helpful tips and info for a new Glider fan.

( Snow flake (male) <--- wife's fav. / named, and Wild Thing ( female ) <--- I named / fav. )

Re: Feeding Schedule

PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 1:31 pm
by James
Feed before you leave for night work or before bed. It is just fine if food sits in the cage for a few hours before they wake. You can even prepare plates ahead of time and freeze them and place at 5pm and let them thaw in cage.

No diet out there replaces their natural way of feeding, all you can do is your best to make sure they are consuming foods. As such, I feed them a base of frozen diced veggies, a meat, a yogurt, and occasionally some fruit. You can vary these things up daily too, just try to hit on each type or give 4 things on the plate. For me it is usually a good amount of frozen diced Walmart veggies (add extra peas), ground turkey, walmart peach or strawberry yogurt, and something else to make at last 4 items. A lot of times I will use a cereal, sometimes pasta, rice, apple sauce, ...

Most folks out there will suggest you feed a "named" diet or you are going to kill your pets. Good luck with that if you do.

By the way, 2 males and one female is a bad arrangement. If they are siblings you might be ok here, but when SHE goes into heat, THEY will kill each other... Neutering helps, but you cannot spay female gliders so THEY still go into heat and it can still affect the boys.