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2011 SUGAR Group RRRoundup!

PostPosted: Sun Nov 28, 2010 7:10 pm
by Usha77
2011 SUGAR Group RRRoundup Information

The 2011 RRRoundup will be unlike any event previously - bigger and better than last year's even!

This year's event will take place in Amarillo, Tx AND in Vero Beach, FL!

That's right - we will host our gathering in TWO places at the same time and video conference them together. So, no matter which venue you attend, you will not miss any of the educational or informational events!

ADDITIONALLY - the gathering will be available for you to participate from home if you aren't able to attend. For a small fee, those who can't physically be at the event can participate from home as they will be given access to all the educational materials, live chat interface with the event and live viewing of all the speakers and demonstrations. There are even a few activities and door prizes planned ONLY for those participating from home.

With a focus on research and rescue needs, this gathering will put strong emphasis on data collection and research planning. We have been hard at work for many months planning this gathering and assure you that you will want to be a part of this event.

Details will be revealed as we are able to confirm them. But, we wanted to give you this information right now so you can begin or continue your plans to attend knowing all the options available to you. We will post hotel information, FAQ and other exciting details in the next few weeks.

If you missed the date announcement before, the event will take place on March 11 & 12, 2011. Hope to see you there!!!

Re: 2011 SUGAR Group RRRoundup!

PostPosted: Sun Nov 28, 2010 7:10 pm
by Usha77

Ashmore Inn & Suites
2301 I-40 East, Exit 72-A Amarillo, Texas (TX) 79104

Standard Features

* Deluxe continental breakfast
* Hospitality hour- (Monday through Thursday)
* Microwave, refrigerator, and in-room coffee maker
* High-speed Internet access in each room
* Free local calls
* Indoor pool, Jacuzzi, and fitness center
* Outdoor courtyard with sundeck and gazebo
* Meeting rooms
* Airport Transportation
* Guest Laundry facilities

Standard room $79.99 + tax (1-4 people)
Suites $99.99 + tax (1-4 people)

Reservations: 877-374-3344
To make room reservations, call the number above and give the guest service representative the SUGAR Group name to receive our group rate. Reservations made through a travel agency or through the internet will not receive the group rate.
Reservations must be made by FEB. 26, 2011 to guarantee the above rates.


Comfort Suites
6505 Metal drive, Ft. Pierce, FL 34945 ... rida-FL733

Full-service amenities and features include:

* Free high-speed Internet access in all rooms
* Free continental breakfast
* Free weekday newspaper
* Free local calls
* Free coffee in the lobby

Guests of this Fort Pierce, FL hotel will also enjoy the fitness center, outdoor heated pool and hot tub.

Business travelers will appreciate conveniences like access to copy and fax services. There is also a business center available for guest convenience.

In addition to standard amenities, all spacious guest rooms include refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers, hair dryers, irons and ironing boards. Guest laundry facilities are located on the property.

$109.00 + tax per night
This is an all suite hotel.

Reservations: (772) 409-1420
To make room reservations, call the number above and give the guest service representative the SUGAR Group name to receive our group rate. Reservations made through a travel agency or through the internet will not receive the group rate.
Reservations must be made by FEB. 18, 2011 to guarantee the above rates.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 28, 2010 7:11 pm
by Usha77

We will be offering free wellness exams on Friday again this year IN TEXAS ONLY. Vet visits will be scheduled on a first come/ first served basis. Again, free wellness exams will only be available at our Texas location this year.

Dr. Walsh will be on hand to provide wellness checks to gliders Friday. Wellness checks will include physical exam, weighing, consultation with a licensed veterinarian and fecal exams (read by the vet).

EACH glider will be given a wellness check form, filled out and signed by the vet at the end of the examination. The SUGAR group will collect copies of each form for our research.

Visits with the vets will be scheduled on a first come basis, and can only be scheduled once registration is paid in full. Vet visits will occur roughly from 9-3 with a break for lunch.


Q: Why are we offering free wellness exams:
A: Two reasons:
1) We believe that it is important to ensure that there are no active infections in gliders that will all be in the same conference room the following day. By doing fecal exams on Friday, we have a great assurance that all of the precious babies we see and love on during the event on Saturday are healthy and that we are not spreading a parasite rampantly through the conference room.
2) The primary purpose for the SUGAR group's existence is Research. We assume that those attending the conference are also interested in research. Therefore, we will take this opportunity to collect data in many different forms throughout the weekend. One such way is through wellness exams. We have asked for the past two years that people take these forms with them to each vet visit, have them filled out and returned to us. Several people do so. Many do not. This is one opportunity for us to get this information on many different gliders at one time.

Q: How do I schedule my free vet visits?
A: Register (on the SUGAR Group's website) and pay your registration in full. While registering, you will indicate that you wish to see the vet and how many gliders you will need to have examined. Once your registration is paid in full, we will schedule you for the visits and you will receive your scheduled visit time in your registration packet. If we run out of time slots, you will be notified prior to the week of the RRRoundup.

Q: What about my privacy?
A: Vet visits will take place in a private room. The SUGAR group has always respected privacy and confidentiality. We have taken an oath to never reveal confidential information. IF your gliders test positive for a parasite, then the only people that will know are you, the vet and one staff member (Val or Jamie). You are not obligated to share any information with anyone at the event (but are required to allow the SUGAR group a copy of your vet form). We will hold the same respect for privacy if any other health issue is indicated by the vet.
We will ask that anyone with gliders that test positive leave your gliders in your room Saturday rather than bring them to the conference venue.
IF medication is needed, we will be able to get it from Dr. Pearson's office by Saturday morning (so your babies will have it ASAP).

EMERGENCY visits (should one be needed) will be given immediate attention by the vets.

Re: 2011 SUGAR Group RRRoundup!

PostPosted: Sun Nov 28, 2010 7:12 pm
by Usha77
Secret Suggie Gift Exchange

We will host a Secret Suggie Gift Exchange the weekend of the RRRoundup that will be unique and tons of fun! The gift exchange will take place at BOTH conference locations. Conference Attendees are not required to participate. If you WANT to participate, you MUST indicate that you will participate on the registration form when you register (registration will open soon). Those participating must bring a wrapped, sugar glider related gift valued at no less than $20. You will receive further instructions with your registration packet at the event. This one is going to be lots of fun!

Re: 2011 SUGAR Group RRRoundup!

PostPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 6:56 pm
by Usha77

Registration for the RRRoundup for those attending in person will include:

* Shuttle service to/from airport (Wed-Mon.) and to/from each venue as needed
* All take-away materials for attendee
* Kick-Off Dinner on Friday night
* One free bingo card at Pouch Bingo
* Breakfast & Lunch on Saturday (Dinner is on your own)
* A few special surprises
* Free access to the online "after party" on our videoconferencing site

Registration Fees (for those attending in person):
Early Registration (Nov. 29- Feb. 1, 2011) = $70
Registration (Feb. 1 - March 1, 2011) = $80

Payment option:

We will offer the option of paying registration in three installments. Installment agreement for a total of $70 + $5 administrative fee will be as follows:
1st payment due DEC. 15 = $25
2nd payment due JAN. 15 = $25
3rd payment due FEB. 15 = $25
** Any registration installment agreement NOT PAID IN FULL BY FEBRUARY 22, 2011 will be CANCELLED and 70% of money paid will be refunded to the registrant. Please note that cancelled installment agreements mean that you are NOT registered for the event.

Due to the logistics of this event, we will NOT be able to have registration paid at the door, nor will we accept registration after March 1, 2011. You MUST register prior to March 1, 2011 to attend this event in person.

All Registration fees must be paid in full prior to the event.


For those registering to participate from home online, registration will include:

* Access to the online webcast Friday - Saturday, March 11-12, 2011
* Chat interface with the live broadcast on Saturday
* All conference materials will be emailed to you prior to the event
* One entry into our special door prize drawings for those participating online ONLY
* Ability to participate in our online "after party" late Saturday night following the event.

Registration Fees (for those participating online):
Early Registration (Nov. 29- Feb. 1, 2011) = $20
Registration (Feb. 1 - March 1, 2011) = $25

Due to the logistics of this event, we will NOT be able to accept registration to participate online after March 1, 2011. You MUST register and PAY IN FULL prior to March 1, 2011 to participate live online.


Vendor registration price is $20 for a table/space. Space is limited, so will be on a first come/first served basis.

* Any Vendor who makes a donation to the raffle at ONE of the venues (either Texas or Florida) will have their vendor registration fee REDUCED to $10.

* Any Vendor who makes a donation to the raffle at BOTH venues (Texas AND Florida) will have FREE vending space at the event venue of their attendance.

*** Donations to the raffle MUST be sent to Val PRIOR TO Feb. 15, 2011 to qualify for these discounts. Any Vendor who does NOT send donations MUST make payment for their vending space PRIOR TO the event. Any vendor who has not paid by donation or payment prior to March 10, 2011 will NOT be allowed to set up in our vending space.

Registration is now open on our website!

Re: 2011 SUGAR Group RRRoundup!

PostPosted: Wed Feb 09, 2011 9:00 pm
by Usha77
Friday Activities
Wondering what you will do if you arrive early to start the fun for the RRRoundup? If you are attending in Texas, have you wondered what you will be doing before/after your vet visit on Friday?

Well, wonder no more! SECARES and TGI will be hosting fun activities for all paid attendees on Friday. See below for details

*** Please Note: These activities are not required and are not included in your registration price. To help offset the cost of supplies and rewards, a small fee (of no more than $5 per activity) will be charged for participation in these activities.

*** SECARES will host a make-and-take toy session from 12:30 - 4:00 pm in the conference room.
Use the supplies on hand and the advice of experienced rescuers and/or vendors to make one or more safe toys for your gliders.
You can also get your glider(s) weighed for our research data base and get nails clipped during this time!


*** TGI will host two different activites from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. - Location TBA
** A scavenger hunt will allow teams of 2-3 to pit their own speed AND creativity against other teams to locate items around Amarillo (with a little help from the locals). Winning team will receive a mystery box full of glider goodies!

** For those who do not wish to participate in the scavenger hunt, TGI will host a make-and-take toy session. Use the supplies and advice of experienced owners and/or vendors to make safe toys for your gliders.

So, plan to arrive early and join in the fun on Friday!

Re: 2011 SUGAR Group RRRoundup!

PostPosted: Sun Feb 20, 2011 9:05 pm
by Usha77
An Important Message regarding the RRRoundup

The SUGAR Group remains committed to our goal of gathering medical information and data to help us learn more about the gliders we love. Fundraising, especially from this generous community, allows us to meet our goals. This year, we decided to try something new and host events at 2 physical venues as well as allow online participation. The SUGAR Group and SECARES (SouthEast Companion Animal Rescue & Education Services, Inc) have been working diligently to make this a fantastic event. Unfortunately, the economy has not been cooperative. Many people have expressed their desire to attend, but are simply unable to do so due to financial situations. We understand, because we must also make sacrifices due to the economy. The lack of paid registrations has forced us to make a disappointing decision. We must cancel the Florida venue. Both the Texas and online venues will continue as planned with the exception of the "Florida vs. Texas" contests. This includes cancellation of the cage decorating contest. Our educational presentations remain the same and there will be plenty of fun for all who attend either Texas or participate online. In fact, we are preparing even more events specifically for those participating online.

We have contacted those who had paid to attend Florida and offered them a "consolation package".

Both The SUGAR Group and SECARES share the commitment to helping animals and their owners. That is, and always will be, our priority. While we are disappointed with cancelling the Florida venue, we agree that it is the only responsible choice. The money that would be spent to go forward with this venue could be used to help with our research efforts and to help owners find some closure to the death of their beloved glider. The SUGAR Group does not want to be in the position of being unable to assist with a necropsy because the money was spent on the RRRoundup event.

There is still time to sign up to view online if you haven't already. The cost is only $25 and you will have the opportunity to win some gifts only available to online participants. There is much to learn, so come and join us from the comfort of your home.

Re: 2011 SUGAR Group RRRoundup!

PostPosted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:58 pm
by Usha77

10) Find out who won the Personality Plus Awards categories!

9) You can attend in your pajamas!

8) Many chances to win prizes donated by many of our community's most favored vendors

7) Learn the purpose and helpfulness of necropsy and histopathology and what we are learning so far from reports submitted to us.

6) Test your trivia knowledge by answering our trivia questions during breaks

5) Your attendance will assist us with continuing our research efforts throughout the year

4) Opportunity to ask questions of Dr. Walsh, one of our community consultative vets

3) Learn more about laser applications in the treatment and healing of sugar gliders

2) Free wellness exams for your gliders if you attend in person

And the #1 reason to attend the RRRoundup.......

1) Hear the results thus far of our research and what this research means for our educational efforts!